AK82 Coils

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Alien coil (3 Core) 0.10 ohm
Alien coil (3 Core) 0.13ohm
Alien coil (3 Core) 0.15ohm
Alien coil (3 Core) 0.19ohm
Alien Coil (4 Core) 0.12ohm
Alien Coil (6 Core) 0.10ohm
Alien Coil (Series) Coil 0.38ohm
Alien coil 0.13ohm (Value Pack / 10 Pairs)
Alien coil 0.15ohm (Value Pack / 10 Pairs)
Fused Clapton 0.33ohm
Fused Clapton 0.38ohm
Fused Clapton SS/TC Coil 0.17ohm (Dual)
MTL Alien Coil 0.78ohm
MTL Alien Coil 0.80ohm
MTL Fused Clapton Coil 1.30ohm
MTL Fused Clapton Coil 1.38ohm
MTL Screamers 0.55ohm
Screamers 0.09ohm
Screamers 0.11ohm
Screamers 0.15ohm
Screamers 0.15ohm (Value Pack / 10 Pairs)
Screamers 0.35ohm
  • Alien coil 0.15ohm, 28g x 3/38g all Ni80,
  • Alien coil 0.13ohm, 27g x 3/36g all Ni80

  • Fralien 0.13ohm, 30gx 2/6ply 0.3 x 0.1/36g
  • Screamers 0.15ohm, 26g x 2/38g
  • Fused Clapton 0.33ohm, 28g x 2/40g Ni80
  • Fused Clapton 0.18ohm, 27g x 2/40g Ni80
  • Fused Clapton 0.38ohm, 28g KA1 x 2/40g Ni80
  • MTL Coil 1.3ohm, 32g x 2 KA1/38g Ni80

T.C Fused Claptons:

  • 26g x 2/ 40g stainless steel, 0.11 ohms dual
  • 27g x 2/ 40g stainless steel, 0.14 ohms dual
  • 28g x 2/ 40g stainless steel, 0.17 ohms dual

 Pack contents 1 pair

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