Doozy Salts - Tropix Tahiti 10ml / 10mg,10ml / 20mg
Doozy Salts - Tropix Tahiti 15.00 AED (incl. VAT)
Gummy Mango Ice E-liquid 60ml / 3mg
Gummy Mango Ice E-liquid 50.00 AED (incl. VAT)

Doozy Salts – Tropix Fiji

15.00 AED (incl. VAT)

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A Mesmerising combination of Crisp Fuji Apple and Sweet Cucamelon with a Touch of Cucumber. Perfection in a bottle, each fruit layered in the most divine way to deliver a fresh and fruity Tropical Wave. You won’t have tasted anything quite like this before…Enjoy!

Available in 10ml / 10mg & 20mg 50VG/50PG.

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