VICIG Disposable Device (1500 Puffs) 20mg / Black Grape,20mg / Mango,20mg / Cubano,20mg / Nuts Tobacco,20mg / Cola,20mg / Candy,20mg / Blueberry,20mg / Mint,20mg / Pina Colada,20mg / Watermelon Lush,20mg / Acai Berries,20mg / Mocha,20mg / Passion Fruit Mojito,20mg / Strawberry Margarita,20mg / Soursop,20mg / Hooka Double Apple,20mg / Red Wine,20mg / Hooka Lemon Mint,20mg / Banana,20mg / Avocado Honey,50mg / Black Grape,50mg / Mango,50mg / Cubano,50mg / Nuts Tobacco,50mg / Cola,50mg / Candy,50mg / Blueberry,
VICIG Disposable Device (1500 Puffs) 40.00 AED (incl. VAT)
I Clouds E-liquids - Strawberry Tobacco 60ml / 3mg
I Clouds E-liquids - Strawberry Tobacco 35.00 AED (incl. VAT)

I Clouds E-liquids – Halo Halo

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Unlike other liquids, the name does not tells you much about what is going to find.

A smell what dominates is a sweet banana, there is also a slight hint of coconut. To taste, we recover the sweet bananas but it is not too strong and not too this aspect chemical might be afraid to find. The coconut is more present than in the nose, and mixing with the banana is really delicious.

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