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Vapeccino introduced Mate 2, a new sleek pod loaded with multiple new features. Vapeccino Mate 2 comes with features like golden coils (supposedly resistant to coil build up), pure flavor, fast charging, which promises the vapers a better vaping experience than the earlier version.

The device uses Golden Core Technology 2.0 (GCT), that provides a better resistance against the buildup of the impurities and oxidization in the pod. It keeps the coils clean for long. Thus, by preventing carbides, other “gunk” matter of liquids from sticking to the coils and wick of the pod, it results in improved durability and long usable life.

Vapeccino Mate 2 has a ceramic material coil that comes with high stability and higher temperature resistance to provide an amusing vapor without any burnt taste. It gives a precise expression of the composite flavors of the liquids you use.

The vCharge Tech 2.0 technique used in Vapeccino mate 2 pods charge the 450mAh built-in battery fast. A long-lasting vaping ensures a 56days standby time. A single charge will give you at least 360 puffs.

Vapeccino mate 2 pod system comes with a redesigned mouthpiece in comparison to its earlier version. It offers a better user experience along with protection against spill and back spit.

Finally, the 8 protective measures that make the device a perfect companion for any vaper.

  • Overload Protection
  • Over voltage Protection
  • Over-time protection (8-second auto cutoff)
  • Ultra-high temperature charging and discharge
  • Automatic shutdown protection from poor operation
  • Short circuit
  • Under voltage
  • Zero-Watt Charging Protection

High-Temperature Resistance With Longer Life

The ceramic coil not only helps to resist high temperature but also gives stability in performance and offers a rich flavor and vapor experience. Vapeccino mate 2 starter kit comes with an Anti-Oil Spilt Design which acts as a shield and averts the liquid from leaking.

Mouth Piece Design

The enhanced mouthpiece design offers a concentrated airflow to deliver a better taste.

Magnetic Touch

New magnetic technology provides a strong connection and allows the device to start automatically once plug in the atomizer.

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