HYLA DISPOSABLE DEVICE (800 Puffs-Nicotine Free)

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A natural, vegan, gluten-free formula infused with a light and cooling aroma and Guarana plant extract. This product has a light and cooling aroma.


Hyla cares about what we put into our bodies and their co-founders are inspired to make a better alternative to old nicotine vaping. During a trip to Brazil they discovered Guarana. Named after the Amazonian Guarani tribe. After years of testing this rich seed and holistic approaches to the flavours, Hyla was born. Hyla combine functional Guarana extracts with vibrant aromas for a botanical blend unlike no other.

Puffs: 800

Guarana: 10%


BANANA + MINT– Powered by nature for a healthier experience, this formula is vegan and gluten-free. A light and cooling aroma is combined with functional guarana plant extract.


COCONUT + LIME– Natural, crisp and refreshing scent enhanced by guarana plant extract. Vegan, gluten-free formula for a healthier experience.


WATERMELON + MINT– Enjoy guilt-free good time with a light aroma of guarana and gluten-free, vegan formula that’s powered by nature

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