OhmBoyz Drip City - Keke (Saltnic) 30ml / 30mg
OhmBoyz Drip City - Keke (Saltnic) 40.00 AED (incl. VAT)
OhmBoyz Drip City - MOOMOONI (Saltnic) 30ml / 30mg
OhmBoyz Drip City - MOOMOONI (Saltnic) 40.00 AED (incl. VAT)

OhmBoyz Drip City – Keke Ice (Saltnic)

40.00 AED (incl. VAT)

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KeKe meaning cake in Maori is a complex and unique desert delight from New Zealand called Pavlova, it is composed of a light cream base meringue cake topped with fresh forest fruits, cantaloupe, honeydew and kiwi.

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