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VOG – Caffeine Pouches

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Caffeine Pouches: It is a pouch that sits under the lip combining long-lasting flavour with fast and effective caffeine absorption through the gum and mouth to give you a quick-acting mental and physical boost.

Available in 100MG

Flavors description:

  • Belgian Coffee – Experience the sophistication of Belgian coffee with our exquisite pouches. This flavor offers a smooth and creamy coffee taste with a hint of chocolatey undertones, making it a treat for coffee aficionados.
  • Espresso – Dive into the rich and robust world of coffee with our Espresso flavor. It’s like a freshly brewed shot of espresso in every pouch, delivering a bold caffeine kick and an authentic coffeehouse aroma.
  • Lime & Cola – Experience a zesty and fizzy fusion with our Lime and Cola flavor. It’s a tantalizing combination of tangy lime and classic cola, creating a refreshing and playful pouch experience.
  • Energy – Get an energy boost with our unique Energy flavor. This pouch captures the zesty and effervescent essence of your favorite energy drink, providing a pick-me-up when you need it most.
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